BELLABOR  Art Jewelry


Located in Hudson, Ohio, Bellabor Art Jewelry is your stop for unique, handcrafted jewelry.

Each piece of art work begins with many feet of wire.  My favorite wire to work with is Sterling Silver, but I also use other metals.  The wire is formed into coils around steel rods of various sizes, and then cut apart with a special saw. The result is a large amount of rings, ready for weaving.

The style of my work is known as Chain Maille, or Mail,  and  is an ancient craft.  You might remember  it as  armor worn during the Medieval Era, by Knights and Kings.  My work, however, is designed for the modern woman (or man) looking for something truly unique and original to wear. 

I am sure you will enjoy wearing my art as much as I have enjoyed making it.


Welcome to Bellabor Art Jewelry